BeOS+QEMU on Haiku? Dontworry... BeHappy!

The title is quite silly, but I could not resist, sorry! :rofl:
I’m trying to look into BeHappy and Dontworry, two good old programs from the BeOS era. I would like to see if I can get them running on Haiku but:

  • Dontworry doesn’t compile
  • BeHappy does but at start it shows the main window for a fraction of time and suddenly quits.

I need to look into these issues later but before doing this I just wanted to see what they were supposed to do under BeOS. So I fired up QEMU on my MacBook Pro M1 and managed to have working environment. Only vanilla BeOS 5 PE works, all other distributions do not boot including Dano. I have not figured out why, to be honest.

I tried to run the same image files (floppy.img + on Haiku under QEMU, but neither QEMU v3 or v6 (from LOTE repo) work. I get the infamous error message that a boot volume cannot be mounted.

Strangely enough, I’m not even able to mount by double clicking it from the Tracker or mounting from the Terminal. It seems the image file is corrupted but I have done this twice. I relocated the files using an USB stick formatted in exFAT.

Does anyone have a clue about why this happens?
Moreover, did anyone manage to run BeOS in QEMU under Haiku?

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For instance it could be a problem with exFAT driver. Did you try to sha256sum the files?

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Good spot @Diver! They are different and the file gets sistematically mangled if I put it into a sub folder on the USB stick.
I have tried putting it into the USB stick root and now it works!
I think it’s a problem on MacOS’ side but I need to investigate this further.


These programs don’t do much on their own, they require BeIDE and NetPositive (used as a replicant) to work. There was an attempt to get NetSurf to implement the NetPositive replicant interface so it could be used as a replacement, but I think the current version of NetSurf will not be able to do it anymore because that code is unmaintained for a while.

I remember I used both, but it was a long time ago. I wanted to know more and maybe get some ideas. Moreover, I was mainly interested in Dontworry and maybe turning it into something usable in Pe or Koder.
I’ve seen that BeHappy has a tree on the left that could potentially be reused and maybe the BeBook plugin, as well.

For my education, why does WebPositive not support replicants?

Replicants need to run code in another app. WebKit is hard to get to run correctly even in its own app where we can control everything, let alone in another app. So no one was crazy enough to try it.

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