BeOS PowerPC software preservation archive

As part of a general preservation effort, This now exists:

We are aiming to save all software that compiles and runs under BeOS PowerPC. Where Source is available we will put up that source. Where development will carry on, a distinct repo will be created, where is is pure preservation it will go in to a group repo.

If software has no source code we plan to package it and make it available as assets against the project. The main page will provide categorised links to make it possible to find the software.

This is a labour of love and anyone who has a BeBox, or PowerMac, that runs BeOS is welcome to help out.

We also hope to host newer packages if/when we get the modern GCC port based on Retro68 working fully.


It is nice to hear of such efforts that bring joy.
Will PM you also!

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There are now a couple on source archives - one forPowerDown - an app I wrote in the 2000’s to use the power Mac keyboard power button to turn off the Mac, and VNCServer , as this is pretty useful to get remove video out of the PowerPC computers.

Good to see this. I’ve put what I’ve found, and a few new items I wrote, on the Gopher server.


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Thanks!! It has been slow going as work life is busy… and too many projects on the go :wink:

Unfortunately, and this is probably my lack of gopher experience, that link doesn’t seem to work on the Gopher clients I tried it in under Monterey. Do I need to do anything special to get it to work?

Okay this link worked for me:

So - I have an image of the be FTP site, I think it is also online too…

Shouldn’t have to. Any gopher client will work (or, as you’ve done, use the local proxy, but it’s slower).

wow i just now realized how little powerpc stuff we have archived at bebytes… maybe I should look over what i have in storage again…

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Yeah, and most of the stuff from PR1 onwards runs on R5, so older stuff is still running. There was less PowerPC later, as it was more niche, but there was a lot of older stuff.