BeOS on the iPad (April Fools joke)

BeOS on the iPad!

I wish :smile:

It’s fake :wink: Haven’t seen anyone in the community post an April Fools prank/joke to make everyone laugh yet! So I thought I’d add one in a fun April 1st fashion :smile:


monolithic and flat but it’s making progress…


Here’s my BeOS on an iPad…

April Fools - it’s VNC on an iPad showing a BeOS remote session!


this list exists!

U Can’t Touch This!


How did you get that to work? Is there a native Kindle VNC client, or is it a web browser based application, or something else?

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Cool! What manner of magic is this? (Never mind, saw the link). Still, cool! :smile:

Is it possible to disable this update #xy text in the top-left corner?

That window needs to be there so that VNC can receive clipboard events and BDirectWindow notifications about video resolution changes. I thought of making it smaller, but it only goes down to 10x10 pixels. However, moving it off screen seems to work. I’ll do a fresh build with a new command line option to hide the status (which was more useful back in dial-up times).

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Thanks mate!

Finally finished VNCServer version 1.31 with the option to hide the update counter. Beside source code, there’s a .hpkg inside and on my BeShare and soon on the Fat Elk repository


Unable to compile it under x86_64. Btw, it could be a good idea to move it to HaikuArchives. :slight_smile:

I probably should put the source on Github too.

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