BeOS on PowerMac 7200

All of the old documents say that BeOS doesn’t support powermac 7200’s out of teh box, but what if I have a G3/G4 sonnet card in it? Will BeOS then support it? Or will I have to wait for haiku to be ported to it?

Here is list of compatible powerpc systems for BeOS.

Check it for more information to get you started.

For Haiku, it’ll be awhile before it comes to powerpc - long wait.

Is there anyone who is currently working on the Haiku PowerPC port? Can anyone give a report on the current state?


There is very little work being done on the powerpc port. Once in awhile there may be a patch to get a little further along.

You can build powerpc version and try it out yourself to see how far you’ll get. Don’t get too excited because you may not even boot into Haiku (ie; KDL while kernel loading ).

Read the latest posts on this ticket & the ones it blocks to get up to speed:

BeOS was made to run on powerpc @ first but later switched to x86. That’s why you have BeOS for powerpc.