BeOS New Zealanders?

Are there any other New Zealanders still left around here ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Back in my last BeOS active days we used to have a big contingent in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington…


Yep. That would be me.
I’ve been ready to believe for a long time now that I am the only regular user in NZ. Please prove me wrong. I’m in Chch, BTW.

Actually, there are a couple more NZ-registered members of this forum, but I’ve never seen them post here or anywhere else. (Nor have I tried to contact them).

NZ had no active BUG left by the time I picked up BeOS. How many NZ users do you think you had at best?

PS: Embarrassing edit: after I wrote that I had another look at the memberlist and there are at least a couple more. And I owe an apology to Liquidboy who’s much more active a poster than me. That’s what comes of not paying attention the past few months.

Anyway, is this population explosion a good sign, or what?

I’m from chch aswell, I only found out about beos 2 years ago and i don’t use beos as my main os (its on one of my old PCs). aslo I did a demo of beos in skynet on clombo st last year for the old owner (he ported tetris to the gameboy).

yeah, well i guess i’m from dunedin, so that makes me nz right? :slight_smile:

i started using beos max when it was 3.0, and onto 3.1 - but i couldn’t use it for every day stuff, because no flash, pro audio, music notation… :frowning: (but i do have the haikufox theme for firefox, with the navagation buttons where they should be :P)

i’ve sort of moved onto ubuntu. (with windowmaker oh yeah).

i still visit haiku/beos/zeta related sites every now and then, just to see what’s going on. i think i might try haiku later on down the track when it goes stable (dunno how long away that will be) if i have a spare hd.

[edit] wow that shows how long i’ve been away from these forums, the last post in this thread was made mid 2005! should have checked…