BeOS implementation of BlueSCSI toolbox

Good news from BlueSCSI:


This is interesting; my PPC machine has an early IDE controller that only does PIO mode, but has SCSI for the CD and external ports so might be faster off that.


Nice … I might have a shot at getting my dev bebox back off the ground its connor drive failed I am pretty sure. And I just bought 2 bluescsis… it would be neat to have the scsi internet adapter working also I wonder how hard that would be to port to BeOS.


That would also be quite useful but probably a very complicated exercise

BeOS/PPC compatible NICs are getting hard to find, at least in areas it makes sense for me to buy from (EU) - my experience of 100mbit DEC cards is that they ‘work’ but can only handle very small packets.

I have a “retro wlan” - its own subnet, isolated, limited to 3mbit internet access, WEP and MAC controls so it would take someone a few seconds rather than no seconds to get in; and most importantly turned off when I don’t want it - for if I want to have any of my old kit on wifi; so connecting another ancient Be system to it wouldn’t concern me any further security wise.

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Easing development is exactly why I’m using it for storage now. I am the original owner, but never really did much with it back in the day.

The original Seagate drive it shipped with still works, but it’s loud by modern standards and not likely to keep working.

It was crazy straighforward to install BeOS onto the BlueSCSI drive, but it took me a while to remember what went where.

I started to explore the BlueSCSI tools API looking for ways to control which drive image it boots off of.