BeOS / Haiku responsiveness


On an old IBM Notebook I have still BeOS r5 running. I noticed that using the Deskbar/Tracker filesearch on BeOS I can click on the top-categories like Name / Path / Size … and the results are getting sorted almost immediately while the search is running, which is very kool.
Even using queries leading to a huge amount of results. I can also rearange the top categories by dragging them left/right to another position. On Haiku it is not as responsive. Afaik the Deskbar / Tracker code is based on the original BeOS source code. I would like to know why there is such a difference. Is it because of the newos kernel, due to the implementation of the GUI toolkit, or is it a matter of multithreading which was changed in the Tracker source code?
I still think Haiku is a very cool OS because it focuses on the vital things which an OS
should provide. But responsiveness is great in my opinion and still KDE does not reach that
level as the BeOS did.

Everything has changed:

  • The Haiku kernel is built in debug/paranoid mode by default. This makes it much easier to debug when there are issues, but also quite a bit slower.
  • The UI is not accelerated by the graphics card, but all rendered by the CPU. This makes it possible to have antialiasing and double buffering, so it look nicer, but it is a little slower
  • There could be other things coming into play. Someone could spend an endless time profiling things, and finding ways to optimize them. But we first try to have working solutions, before we go into that.
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Thanks for the answer. I am not finding it very important to change that in the next time. Perhaps it could be changed quite easily. That would be also a good way of attracting new developers / users in my opinion. Things working much greater than in an other OS. The topic beeing responsiveness I think it would be much more important to change the search field of HaikuDepot. Perhaps i should start a new Topic about that. I think it would be worth tweaking the program in a way that text can be entered in the search field. If I start entering Text in the search field the search process starts and the search field is locked before i have entered the whole search phrase. It is important that things work at all in the first place, but to attract users / developers this would give a much better impression in my opinion As this would be one of the prorgrams a new user would try out at the beginning.
This is really the first thing i would change before hunting hard to find bugs which doesn’t affect most of the users.