BeOS/Haiku inspired avatar


Well Haikuers, I’ve been messing around with an idea… Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox, Google’s Android, and Apple’s iOS now all have their own avatars, so I thought… why not experiment with a Haiku theme?

And so… I did. This is definitely a ‘first try’ at it I drew up on my iPad (for example, you’ll notice the lines in my sketch don’t line up quite right, etc.) but the idea is to show the idea here for fun and see what people think… as I think I’m the first one to try this (or far as I know).


What I’d hope for is to make is a library of Be-esque user avatars that can be used for both my own projects and for Haiku. Maybe, since I’m already deviating from the old or original ‘people bot’ icon with body sizes, a face, hair, etc. I could add arms and clothes as well. Eventually, adding shading, shadows, etc. can be done once I get the shape down.

But anyways… hope everyone likes the idea as I’m already using this guy as a profile pic :smiley:


俳句 reicht finde ich.


Hey, shouldn`t that be in international forum? :smiley:

Google translate: I think that’s enough


Haiku (jap. 俳句)… reicht finde ich.

Haiku is enough I think…

It is international… German and Japanese…