BeOS/Haiku inspired avatar

Well Haikuers, I’ve been messing around with an idea… Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox, Google’s Android, and Apple’s iOS now all have their own avatars, so I thought… why not experiment with a Haiku theme? For inspiration, the Be guy looks like this:


And so… I did. My initial try was to draw a rough sketch with my head and the top part from memory on my iPad using 2D shapes. The bottom pants were made a rusty red, as it looked better than the yellow-orange from the top. But honestly, no matter how I looked at it, it sucks.


However, in adding an update to the original post, and in getting a bit more serious by playing with 3D shapes a bit, I started to mess with a new design, again with the person icon from Haiku as an inspiration. The end result is still square, but this time, has a metal head (and arms like an avatar should). And this allowed me to start over, and try to make a better avatar.


What I’d hope for is to make is a library of Be-esque user avatars that can be used for both my own projects and for Haiku. Maybe, since I’m already deviating from the old or original ‘people bot’ icon with body sizes, a face, hair, etc. I could add arms and clothes as well. Eventually, adding shading, shadows, etc. can be done once I get the shape down.

And so, as an update, here’s avatar iteration 2:


And anyways… hope everyone likes the idea as I’m already using the (work in progress) guy as a profile pic :smiley:

俳句 reicht finde ich.

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Hey, shouldn`t that be in international forum? :smiley:

Google translate: I think that’s enough

Haiku (jap. 俳句)… reicht finde ich.

Haiku is enough I think…

It is international… German and Japanese…