BeOS/Haiku global theme for KDE Plasma

Just wanted to share here that there is now a global theme for KDE Plasma based on the looks of BeOS, with a bit of Haiku sprinkled in too:

I’m going to install this, to get the consistency a bit closer between Linux and Haiku.


Too bad that kde4 was the last version to have BeOS-like window tabs. The plasma 5 release had it in it’s missing features from kde4 for a long time (example: Plasma/5.5 Errata - KDE Community Wiki ), but now it seems like plasma6 is around and this was never reimplemented. shrug

I really dislike this rewrite it all cycle that hits every couple of years in linux. You just have to keep “chasing” features that get reimplemented, and reimplemented, and reimplemented. Can’t rely on anything.

Edit: it was in the 5.13 errata Plasma/5.13 Errata - KDE Community Wiki
But in the 5.14 (Plasma/5.14 Errata - KDE Community Wiki) one it is missing. And it was not implemented. somewhat quietly burried :g

Actually there was minimal rewriting done going from Plasma 5 to 6, compared to previous transitions. In many cases, the changes were just replacing fives with sixes.

As for the window tabbing feature, I asked some KDE folks about this and the response is that it was a mess code-wise. If a better implementation were contributed, then it’d prolly get accepted. However there’s also the problem of there being more apps using client-side decorations (CSDs) than back in the Plasma 4 days; this causes some design issues with window tabs.


I like the zoom slider at the bottom of the file panel. That could be saved per window in attributes in Haiku if this was implemented in Haiku. I also think the task bar Home icon is a little more intuitive to draw people to the fact it is a menu. We could have the H with leaf as a logo for our menu or the Haiku letters from the boot splash would also be intuitive. I’ve watched SO many videos of people trying Haiku for hours and not discovering the Deskbar menu. For whatever reason, they will right click the desktop and think, ah, this is the menu.

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A Haiku version of Besot is coming later:

On a related note, is it possible to get the icons from apps in HaikuDepot as SVGs? Many of them do not have icon source files.

Haiku doesn’t use SVG icons so it won’t be easy.
Icons of packages are stored on HDS and can be either HVIF or PNG. If the opposite is not, converting HVIF to SVG should be easy. Changing extension should often do the trick.
Icons of binaries are stored as resources in the binary. So, you would have to extract resources and convert them with Icon o matic. If you’re lucky, you may also find directly some resource files on Haikuports tree or projects trees.

There is haikuports/x11-themes/haiku-svg-icon-theme at master · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub from @3dEyes , has been in the depot for quite some time. (they provide svg icon(s) theme for Haiku).


The Haiku variant of Besot is now available: