BeOS -> Huiku but how much gig


i now know how to install beos max.
i have 2 gig i use for beos but after the update to Haiku is only 375 left.(not installes yet)
my hd is 37 gig that i can now use
but how to use it
how many part. and how big
any advice on size and/or mount points?
reinstalling beos is not a problem



Do not use Haiku. It is not finished.

For now, install BeOS Max and use that if you want to try BeOS. When Haiku is ready, there will be a big announcement and you will hear about it.

Haiku is being written completely seperately to BeOS. The company who made BeOS died and took the source code that made BeOS with them. Haiku are writing a copy of the OS but keeping the source code open.

Hope this helps. I am trying to keep my language as simple as possible as I realise that English is not your first language. If you don’t understand anything, ask again and I will try harder to explain :slight_smile:


Thx tb100

oke then i looking how far the are if it is stable i Will try it to see how it is going,
yes i now the risk form linux but that’s no problem it Will not be my main pc wen i try it.

and yes i am dutch but i can read english good so its no problem, the problem is that i do not often write in english but you understand what i mean so its not to bad (don’t try to
read my germany then there is a problem that’s really bad)

so now i will go and try out beos, until now i am really :shock:
it runs good only the shortcuts is a horror for now but i will get used to it


There are bits of Haiku that are usable now, but the kernel and the main window manager type of app are not yet finished. I am running a system that is basically R5, with a few drivers that Haiku have produced (nvidia driver for example).

I have a seperate parition that is just Haiku - although it is not very useful yet, there is progress on getting graphical applications to run. See for some more details on that.

A friend of mine is studying Dutch at university, but I don’t speak it at all I’m afraid. So we’ll have to stick to English (as much as I am ashamed to do so :S)