BEOS Flipbook application

In June of 1999 a flipbook application was posted in the BEOS newsletter Does anyone have a copy of the code that could be downloaded? Did anyone use the program to make flipbooks. I really need any information possible.

You will it in backup, under pub/samples/interface_kit folder.
The backup is available here:

Beware, it’s a huge donwload, and will requires P7Zip optional package be installed to extract its content from Haiku.

Regarding FlipBook itself, it doesn’t build out-of-box under Haiku, whatever flavor.
Seems like a collision with Haiku’s Interface Kit Layout.h (fixed by renamed the header guard), deprecaded BMessage(*BMessage) constructor (fixed by passing source message as value) and missing Window.h or string.h header in ControlView.cpp and MovieView.cpp. Plus add stdc++ to LIBS in makefile for gcc4 flavor.

So, after 11 years, this source code needs some massage to build it.
Good luck, and please report here how it goes…

Thank you so much for the information. I have downloaded it. Now for the more specific request. I need to know if anyone actually used this to create flipbooks at the time or before Jan 2005. Specifically the following. Did they use a standard desktop printer? Did they use 8-1/2" x 11" paper? Was the paper uncut (not perforated)? I believe all of those things are implied in the article. Here is the big question - did anyone tweak the program to use inposition printing where the pages could be stacked, cut into row cuts then stacked, turned and recut sand stacked so at the end of the cutting process the pages were in proper order. And reaching even more did they use an automated cutter - especially a business card slitter. I would be happy to explain what I need to anyone or how critical this is to a number of small business owners who are going to be prevented from continuing business if we can’t prove prior art. This really is a big deal to many people. Thank you in advance for any assistance or information.

Good thing I backed that up I guess. I could only find one live Be FTP mirror in Hungary, and it is incomplete.