BeOS Easter Egg in NI LabVIEW

This is completely random, though in the process of using National Instruments’ LabView software (a drag and drop style programming environment for creating simulations) I couldn’t help but notice this icon for the “Prompt User for Input” block:

It seems someone at NI crossed paths with BeOS at some point long ago. :slight_smile:

To start a fun little easter egg discussion for the new year, who else at some point or another has found little BeOS easter eggs in software or on the internet far, far away from the world of BeOS itself? :smiley:


We have a product called Objective at work, and the icons are certainly BeOS-inspired, although I don’t think they’re direct copies.

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Ha, yes, most visible or used is the “BeOs-Rocket” :rocket: Icon these days!
I saw it on many places around the internet and even on Posters!

We could make a own thread about Haiku-Icons used outside of Haiku!

What do you think?

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