BeOS and/or HaikuOS developers or users in Barcelona/Cataluna/Spain?

Hello there!

I will be staying in Barcelona/Cataluna/Spain sometimes in 2015 and work on BeOS/HaikuOS related project… Is there a way to see which of BeOS and/or HaikuOS developers or users are around? I would love to meet them and maybe collaborate.

Tried looking old links from
•BeOS Aires

…but they are all off-line

Any ideas how to find it?
Any personal contacts?

You could try ask on the Facebook pages or the larger Google plus page:

The only Spanish speaking Haiku user group that I know of is for North and South America. But you could also see if anyone is on the spanish IRC irc:// or on the mailing list

I used to write in my blog in case u like to know. I live in Spain but since the development of Haiku is insanely slow, i stopped being interested in it even if i was a HUGE fan of Be.Os and this project since the very beginning; so i´m not interested in any kind of project related to Haiku right now, anyway a beer or two are never a bad a idea :wink: