BeOS and Haiku in movies and etc

Some screenshot from TV Show Dollhouse (2009) season 1 episode 11:


That looks like BeShare is running on the desktop screen.


IIRC, either a BeOS destop, or at least a BeOS look-a-like, also appears (on a PC in Hiro’s office in Japan) in one episode of Heroes.

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Rings a bell? :grin:


LOL, good find @madmax! Seems I had that in mind for a while, ha!

It was “right there” in the first episode:

Not a full BeOS desktop, but those icons… mmm look familiar :smiley:


From OSnews article:
@mikesum32 tells us that they used a screenshot of BeOS full screen! In the screenshot BeShare and ‘Jabber for BeOS’ were open.


Nice screenshot! Somehow I get the impression this could be PhOS?

No, look at controls in the GUI.

At the top there is BeAmp which shows somehow the GUI that PhOS used? (could be wrong though) :slight_smile:

Just CL-Amp with dano-gui-like skin.

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The blue folder icons I think mean that was some version of SVG-enabled Tracker? Or maybe just a custom bitmap icon set?

I think it’s probably not SVG Tracker.
It can be CrystalTracker or Trackernewfs, or maybe just Betheme with such icons, or just custom icon set. The screenshot was taken by some Polish guy, judging by one folder on desktop “pliki” (files). Maybe he will respond.


Not TV or a movie, but Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon mentions BeOS (Neal Stephenson - Cryptonomicon) - not that surprising given he also wrote In The Beginning… Was the Command Line which is a book/essay about operating systems. Still, I encountered Cryptonomicon first which made it a nice surprise!

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nice Old Presents of BeOs and more

look in Archive for BeOS or Haiku

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Good essay - I stumbled across it at my local library*. He called BeOS the “Batmobile of operating systems”: others were on the ground while BeOS was already flying.

*I hope the next generation doesn’t miss out on browsing random library aisles and the sheer pleasure of discovering something you would not have otherwise discovered.