BeOS and Haiku City updated

Just a few days ago I have updated my site to the latest version of ubuntu & Joomla to the current version instead of the two year old version I had before. If you notice the things I fixed on the old version have come back let me know so I can fix them again.

The website is at
Looking for more new users!


I didn’t know about that site. Looks intriguing. There’s a BBS, too? How do you connect to it? Doesn’t seem to work with either SSH or Telnet.

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Thanks for alerting me! Telnet should work now and ssh is on port 2222…

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I finally logged in at the page again after a very long break - thanks for the hint.
I still think it could be a great addition to the Haiku community and it’s a shame that it’s used so few.
Looking at the community page,nothing new to see since I last visited some months ago.

Speeking of updates to the page itself,I preferred the old design with the navbar at the top instead of the right side and overall it looked better before.
But newer designs changing things for worse is a common trend,maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will see about making the menu horizontal instead of vertical…

Ok I made a horizontal menu. What do you think?

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That’s a huge improvement already,thanks! :+1:
So I looked up the old version in the Web Archive to be able to better compare that…

What looks quite out of place is the new font size.
It’s too huge,especially in the navbar where the arrows are moved to a second line due to lack of space,but also other stuff like the “Forgot username” and “Forgot password” link seem too large.

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Ok I think I fixed that. I will look into whether the login area can be shrunk… Glad to see you there again!

I would suggest for the username/password/etc part to be shrunk, and moved above the logo. At least on my screen, there is too much red area around the logo, alongside the whole font size of the site making me look if somehow I had the browser´s zoom option enabled.

Also, the “Buy Merchandise” appears cut here, with no horizontal scroll bar.


Maybe help promote it :open_mouth: hehe I do what I can but I am just one person.

You don’t appear to use it yourself (unless you’re using the BBS) so why would anyone else use it? Situations like this remind us how tiny the Haiku world is.

Just a thought, perhaps you could devote some sections to wallpapers, themes, sound packs. This might drive traffic to your site.

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Hard to have interactions with just yourself… Dont want to talk to myself LOL

Great suggestion! I will add some forum areas for those…

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Maybe more frequent status updates on the ‘Community’ area.

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Well that was a disaster. I signed up to your site and wrote some short text about some wallpapers I was sharing (in the Wallpapers forum) but the Add Files button doesn’t work (doesn’t respond to clicking). So I dropped the wallpapers where it says ‘you can drop files here’. That didn’t work either (the browser just opened the images in tabs). When I navigated back to the message page, my text had gone. :no_mouth:

Not doing anything weird. Just LibreWolf on a Mac.

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Ok suggestion noted!

Let me look at that

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I see what you are meaning. I will look into it but maybe post them in the group: Groups - BeOS City until I track that issue down?