BeOS 5 Compatibility?

I have downloaded some programs from BeOS 5(Blender and Opera 7).
I tried to open them, but Opera 7 will note install(neither will 3.62 for that matter), and Blender does not open either(it says “Missing symbol: stdout”).
I downloaded the Intel versions of these programs.
I am using a nightly build, compiled on April 19th, 2017, and it is an x86-32 build.

You can run blender 2.11 for BeOS on Haiku, only you must replace with newer from “/boot/system/lib” – rename it to and put it in “lib” directory in Blender’s directory.
Actualy, I not tested how it works, runs in full screen mode.

…without BeOS’s “” menu in Blender not work.

And Blender 2.04 also runs in Haiku, in that same way, and also with original phython lib, for menu working you also must copy in “lib” that from 2.11 package.

Also in that same way runs Blender 1.80a on Haiku:

Thank you.
Oh, what about Opera 7, the installer starts, but does not actually install, and some text is missing.

I have been interested in BeOS/Haiku since I read about it 9 months ago, yesterday I wiped my Archlinux partition and installed Haiku.

Are you sure there is an “opera 7” for BeOS? The latest version I know is 3.62, which you can still download from Opera:

It installs and runs fine, but you need to install it to /boot/apps (not /boot/system/apps which is read-only). There is indeed some missing text in the installer, but it seems to work ok, still.

Opera is not that useful in modern days, as it uses a rather old version of SSL and won’t connect to many websites (including this forum, it seems).

There where not Opera 7 for BeOS, only theme (I think), but you can install older BeOS version of Opera, when you run installer you must choose place to instal as /boot/apps (and push high lighted empty button forward)

But this worth doing only for “sport” and testing, actualy Haiku now has better web browsers.

I have both Blender and Opera in hpkg format in my repo: But these are very old apps and they run like, well, twenty-year old binaries.

Wow! thanks.
Now if I could find GoBe, I could probably replace Linux entirely.

Same place, but there’s a catch. As this is still commercial software, I make you click through a mini-EULA in which you solemly swear that you have the original disks.

here are instructions on how to add my repository:

Ah… do you know where I can find a CD?

GoBe Productive was commercial software. Now it is in finders keepers license.

Look, if people are just clicking through “I accept”, I officially don’t want to know about it, and the first sign of outrage by the people who now own the rights, it’s off the repo. I have tried to keep things on the legal side. From there it is up to you. The same goes for the BeBasics package.

Anyway, GBP was always somewhat overrated IMHO, and while it runs in Haiku, you can tell that it needs attention. Sometimes it forms screen artefacts. Also it doesn’t open newer file formats like docx or odt.

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In my belief there must be only creators rights. It is scam when some one owns rights to some product, which not created by them. It is not right, to sell creators rights.

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It’s a crying shame that the original owners of the code don’t just stick it on Github…

This was discussed at length several times in the past. At some point they wanted to do it, but there are many problems:

  1. They use some code that isn’t theirs, which would need to be removed before one can publish the source to the whole thing. Some people did get access to the sources under NDA to see if it would be possible to clean it up, but…
  2. The sources they have is for the latest version, which runs on Windows. The source for previous BeOS-only versions is no more. This means you would need to untangle it from their custom code to get the BeAPI-ish code to run on Windows. Quite a lot of work.

At this point I put much more hope in either KapiX LibreOffice porting effort, or someone digging into compiling OnlyOffice and getting that to run in Haiku. Given the amount of work it would be to get GoBe to a fully useful state and up to date, it is not worth it even if the sources were available.


we only need:

drivers drivers drivers drivers drivers…

apps are part of People outstanding the Haiku team.

There’s was actually a beginning of a compatibility layer to run windows programs on beos:

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How it work? i remember years ago i test it but just give me errors, something like wine for haiku can be useful

Afaik it is an unfinished, supposedly broken stuff, maybe can run a simple helloword program, but nothing useful in its current state.