BeIndexed: Replicating Google Desktop/Beagle

I have come across an application called BeIndexed, it currently uses Postgres for indexing but can use any database which supports transactions for the backend portion of the program.

I think BeIndexed offers a good foundation to make a Beagle/Google Desktop type file search engine for Haiku all that is needed is for the appropriate file filters to be made.

What does everyone else think of the possibility of modifying this program to achieve a native desktop file content searcher and incorporating it in a future release of Haiku?

How would it differ from BeOS’s native file indexing? I can pull up my JPG files within a few clicks as it is…

The main difference is that you would be able to search the content contained within the files versus the attributes associated with the file.

I don’t believe BeOS’s query system currently allows you to search for anything other than the file name, type, size or other user added attributes.

Such a feature should be integrated into the Query window in future, there’s no need for a seperate app. BeIndexed might be useful for implementing it.

Using something like BeIndexed as an available service at the OS level is something I really want for R2. Full text indexing is great, particularly if you have to run something besides BeOS for one reason or another. I personally have a separate FAT32 partition dedicated to storage so I can change documents from BeOS or Linux. Trying to search for something, though, sucks on the rare occasion that I need to do it. Given something like BeIndexed, it would be possible to handle all query-like goodnees that BFS provides while also adding the ability to search within files and to search for files on non-BFS volumes. I eagerly await the day that this happens or I don’t have a need to run any other OS besides Haiku. My $0.02. :slight_smile: