BeIA prototype web tablet needs a good home

When Be assets were sold I bought one of their BeIA development web tablets. It has been sitting unused for the last three years and perhaps someone here would like it. Great memento of Be as there are only a few such tablets in existence.

No idea about the battery life but don’t expect it to hold much if any charge. The original stylus was missing when I bought the tablet but a generic stylus works fine.

I can provide photos or additional descriptions if interested. Being quite rare I’d like to get $250 for it.

Please email me at che at opensolaris dot org and we will continue discussion offline…

Che Kristo

Hi there

I have engineering sample DT300BE00030054 (working apart from the digitizer ) and 0061 (cracked screen) along with a prisim wireless base station . hope yours finds a good home :slight_smile: