BeGeistert any time soon?

Are there any plans for a BeGeistert meetup in Europe any time ‘soon’? (Pandemic permitting?) Even a virtual event?

Someone needs to drag me away from pandemic coding. My brain needs a distraction for a week…


Well, Paladin is a child that needs some love :wink: Issues · HaikuArchives/Paladin · GitHub

Haha I know! I just need to be dragged away into a room for a few days to work on it. I was hoping for some minders to keep me working on it! 8o)


Well, as you said, “pandemic permitting”. Currently I don’t think it is reasonable and I’m waiting for the situation to improve a bit.

Personally I’m not very interested in online events (I do enough calls and online meetings with my paid work colleagues already, I don’t want more of it). But maybe other people will disagree and will want to set up something?


Hi, a BeGeistert would be nice, “pandemic-related” i don’t think that makes sense. I hope everyone gets through this time without any problems.

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This is definitely one way in which pandemic = pain…