Beeing logged out much too fast

I’m looking arround here, reading many post. Sometimes I follow a link to other websites. After a few minutes I am logged out here.
Right now I sent a new post. The writing lasts some minutes. Directly after sending and reading this post again I was logged out the second time today.
I would like to stay a bit longer logged in into the forum.

I don’t notice my session in this forum ending very quickly. In fact I go days (weeks even) with the same tab open to the forum without having to log in again. I tend to use a Chromebook for this for now.

If you are in Haiku using WebPositive it may be a bug in the browser, though it is hard to say for sure. Maintaining session cookies is a pretty basic thing which probably Web+ can do.

Presumably this is the issue you are talking about.

It really is hard to tell since your post lacks vital information like what browser you were using, and if it was on haiku and which revision then.

Presumably this is the issue you are talking about.

That could be the problem. Yes, I forgot to write some information. I used Haiku Beta 2 and WebPositive.
I will test it again. Thank you.

I have the same problems with Haiku nightly 64bit and Web+
I will be kicked out far to fast and often. This happens only in Web+

I think this is another problem. Here it affects the forum only.
But yes it has to do with the cookies stored.

I have the same problem with Web+ 64bit nightly and forum. Not very often, can be logged for a day maybe, max. Seems to me that it pushes me out usually after I restart it after a not so clean shutdown (of Web+).

For the webpositive case it still seems to have the cookies but looses the session for some reason, as a workaround you can alt-q when that happens and reopen it, in which case the cookies are send again.


Thanks a lot, hint worked!

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I use alt+q as well. Works great.