Becoming a Haiku user

Hi everyone !
I discovered Haiku not long ago and I am testing it on my second laptop (I just submitted it on the compatibility list). I really love it! I remember the time when I had Macs with System 6, Mac OS 7-9 and how I miss them. Haiku somehow bring me back to this feeling. Thanks to all Haiku developers !
I wish Haiku become stronger, more compatible, more used, a great alternative to Window$, Mac O$ and GNU/Linux.
I like to see how the community here is so motivated and how devs are loving what they do. A good and fresh spirit that makes me love this project.
I am not technicaly able to help in coding nor debugging… All I can do right now is to give you few dollars monthly with hope this will be usefull.

I can’t wait for testing Beta 3!


Welcome @JeremyF to Haiku, we are not all developers here, but if you can do some basic scripting haikuports can always use some help :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community. You does ‘not’ need to be a coder to help. There are many Things to do and side projects.

Using as user with reports of problems or good feelings, testing the System and programs, writing tutorials or docs, voting programs and games in haikudeport or haikudepot website.

Or you can start to code in cpp or easy languages like yab.

You do not need to be a coder to help (I think a word went missing here?). You can help by writing bugreports, helping with translation of Haiku in more languages, and also tasks related to graphics design, and many other things.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I started to help with french translation, but it’s already all done. I’ll see what I can do.

There are some issues on my laptop, like no sound, wifi that doesn’t connect automaticaly, webcam not recognized, LibreOffice won’t display french translation…

Everything else works fine.

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I suspect Lelldorin meant you DON’T have to be a coder.

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Welcome to Haiku!

Maybe consider filing tickets with more information on those issues at so the developers can have a look?

If you wish and are able to, a good way to help out with Haiku is by becoming a member of Haiku Inc., the non-profit organisation behind Haiku that collects donations, manages finances etc. - I think @leavengood mentioned that the Inc is looking for new members to help out, so maybe you can check with him.

Here is my try to explain hiw people can help haiku

** i have a newer version around of the document. I will see to upload it today (after work)

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I’d like to do my first contribution, translating Haiku to Serbian (as I see there is no one yet).
As it comes to the coding, I’d like to get into that more, but I gotta study Haiku’s way of doing things more :slight_smile:
(I’m still a Linux guy in my core when it comes to commands and stuff :sweat_smile: lol)

I’d definitely like to know more, especially about how drivers work on Haiku … so maybe there is a way to kinda ‘‘translate’’ Huion driver that I’ve used on Linux before they implemented it in kernel (that would be beneficial to a lot of users I think, as I’ve noticed few topics about Huion already, before posting mine).

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It looks like there are disabled credits for Serbian, so perhaps some work is done already.

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There is some very early work at with only a few hundred strings translated (both in latin and cyrillic alphabets, do we need both?), you can create an account there and start improving on it.

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For me I looked to translate in french, but it’s weird, I sometimes see that there are 35 strings to translate, and when I click “Continue translating” I only have 7 strings…

Serbs would say “yes” I think. It looks like Cyrillic has slightly more official use, but both are treated “equal”. Having both Latin, as well as Cyrillic, also helps Croatian and Bosnians I guess, as the language is very similar in most ways, but not absolutely identical. The other Serbo-Croatian dialects use only Latin.

I am gonna focus on Cyrillic, as that is the original writing.
Latin has been introduced later, much later as we look back in history (it’s a political topic lol) … but it is definitely not equal to Cyrillic. :neutral_face:
Yes, a lot of people use it nowadays (sadly), but that is mostly due to forced ‘‘political correctness’’ aka ‘‘equality’’ during the Yugoslavia period (both monarchy and communist).
It is kind of like what happened to Welsh or Scottish (in a way); they were forced to use English, even though they have their own languages… Serbs were forced to use Latin, even though we have Cyrillic.
We should’ve looked up to Russians :slight_smile: