BeBS. Anyone remember this?

I spent the day “dialing” in to different BBS’. A BBS is a Bulletin Board System. Essentially, the Internet before the Internet was open to the public.

Anyway, I found myself on and saw a listing for BBS software for BeOS called BeBS. By Geoff Benson.

I had run many BBS’ in my time (from Atari 8-bit to Atari ST to IBM PC), but I never heard of BeBS and was wondering if anyone had. Or even used it.


Cool! Would be also interested to hear ;-p

I was able to download it. I should give it a try in Haiku 32-bit and see if it works. It appears to be Telnet only, which is a little surprising.

Old memories, don’t know if any BBS’s still exists now :slight_smile:

There are. Most of them are Telnet accessible. The has quite a few listed.

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I think my BBS skills are limited after 25 years or so :wink:

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Would be great to get BBS rocking on Haiku.

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