Beam: Unable to delete unwanted Emails

Says it cannotmove to trash the selectedEmail
Opened a bug report as suggested for my last post for some issue
It was closed saying Beam is a third party application. Raise a ticket on their forum.
link given directed me to github
I do nothave a github account, since I am not a developer

what shpuld we do in such cases?

The URL is GitHub - HaikuArchives/Beam: BEware, Another Mailer - an e-mail client for BeOS/Haiku and it certainly is on GitHub. You may need to sign up regardless of whether you develop code or not because HaikuPorts and HaikuArchives are hosted there. Submitting a bug on their issue tracker may be painless once you sign up but the mandatory 2-factor authentication is a pain.

You can ask someone to open a ticket for you, complain to haikuarchives about the use of github.

Or make a github account and open the ticket.