Be Retro Review Anthology: from R3 - Zeta

Hello, everyone! :slight_smile:

So, as various people in the community know, my very first Be/Haiku review was on Haiku R1/Beta1 after it launched (which is not part of this series, but rather is here), and after finishing the beta article, I got a desire to go back in time and give BeOS a fresh, serious look that it deserves (without writing a book – although I definitely could do so if there are enough people interested).

And I can say this definitely is something that I hope people both today and in the future will enjoy reading as a part of computer history. There’s a salvo of screen clippings and grabs throughout the series, and plenty of text to read!

The full series spans from R3 (the first official release to Intel/x86; versions before this needed a BeBox or certain models of pre-G3 Macintosh desktops, and so I started at R3) to Zeta 1.21, with an article for each member in the series.


I truly hope everyone (both those who are new to the world of Be/Haiku and are curious about it, and those who are dedicated fans/aficionados of the platform) will enjoy reading these. And thank you, everyone! :smiley:

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Just wanted to add the links in this post don’t work anymore since I took the retro review series/anthology down, reason is because I’d like to do a better job at it in the future. So… if there’s extra time around this fall I’ll bring this series back to life like as videos or in a better format. Thanks everyone :slight_smile: