Be-mail daemon, be-pdf, vlc

i was wondering when any of those items would be fixed in Haiku? Also if theres plans to make MediaPlayer have the ability to play audio streams like shoutcast?

Hi Snuhwolf,

Maybe you should first list what you think is broken in these apps that needs fixing. VLC isn’t part of Haiku. BePDF is an optional package which removes it a bit from Haiku’s responsibility. Opening tickets for the mail_daemon is very welcome, do have a look around first though, as there are a few around already. When those will be fixed, you’ll never know. :slight_smile: The mail system has seen some work done in the past weeks, so you may want to check a nightly image first, BTW.

Streaming support for MediaPlayer has been mentioned before and is on the (mental) list of features of many. So far nobody had the time to spend on it however. More developers are needed, as usual.
There really is no “plan” besides the personal todo lists of the individual developers. If we got a billionaire on board to hire developers, it would be a different matter…


Well I just noticed theres no ready-made mount point or directory for floppy drives also. Now I need to try and remember how to create one so I can get the files from my floppy drive camera onto a USB key. Drive setup dosnt see the floppy drive. Booting into BeOS it does. Thats odd. Oh, and BeMail under this nightly would keep fetching and instantly deleting messages!

There are various Haiku shoutcast solutions over on

Concerning BePDF, maybe Snuhwolf is referring to the lack of GCC4 optional package, which is slightly annoying as specifications are usually PDF documents (for developing, I don’t use an hybrid build).

CL-Amp dosnt work with this nightly. missing some lib files it seems.