Be engineers education?

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I am a bit interested in BeOS history. Can someone enlist where Be engineers have studied. I am also interested in other information about Be engineers life.

Does someone know where I can read about it?

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BeOS Bible… some info also in Be newsletters/articles… some devs were students at the same university…

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That is personal information that really is nobody’s business


Here’s a link to the book.


Perhaps it is personal information but it is NOT PRIVATE information.

Just about everyone publishes where they studied publicly when searching for jobs… find something else to virtue signal over. And here you are attacking someone’s innocent curiosity over nothing.


It’s none of your business


Please stop.
Andreas wanted to read about published info about the historical Be engineers, how they ended up there, and if anything in their path of life was significant in regard of having worked at Be. He asked about public knowledge. There’s nothing wrong with that.


You can find them e.g. on LinkedIn:

Not really core engineering but somewhere in-between development and management:

A good history article is at

There’s also a multi part history at

Specifically about the filesystem, which is still my favorite feature:

Here’s a recent article the covers the why’s and gives an inspiring outlook:


Dianne Hackborn: Dianne's Home Page


Yes of course! How could I forget her? Nice mix of Be, Amiga and Google references presented in a late1990s web style btw🤓

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This is sttill sexy.

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Here is the “Credits” circa 2001 (R5.1 days)-

This version of BeOS brought to you by:

 Steve Abel, Mathias Agopian,  
 Allan Anderson, Howard Berkey,  
 Dave Bort, Trey Boudreau,  
 Dmitriy Budko, Jeff Bush,  
 Kenny Carruthers, Robert Chinn,  
 Pavel Císler, John Dance,  
 Marc Ferguson, Fred Fish,  
 Dominic Giampaolo, Dianne Hackborn,  
 Arve Hjønnevåg, George Hoffman,  
 Ficus Kirkpatrick, Andrew Kimpton,  
 Joe Kloss, Alfred Landrum,  
 Hiroshi Lockheimer, Russ McMahon,  
 Cyril Meurillon, Steven Olson,  
 Jason Parks, Manuel J. Petit,  
 Robert Polic, Jean-Baptiste Queru,  
 Pierre Raynaud-Richard,  
 Hank Sackett, Steve Sakoman,  
 Jason Sams, Benoît Schillings,  
 Nathan Schrenk, Leo L. Schwab,  
 Brian J Swetland, Victor Tsou,  
 Rico Tudor, Tinic Uro,  
 Mani Varadarajan, Jon Wätte,  
 Doug Wright, Alan Ellis  
 Interaction and Interface Design:  
 Bruce Browne, Timothy Martin,  
 Christopher Sanders 
 Baron Arnold, Steven Black,  
 Bret Chou, Adam Haberlach,  
 Cameron MacMillan, Eric Rall,  
 George F. Wong, DDS 
 Raymond Rodgers, Jonathan Tarbox,   
 Myron Walker 
 Linda Ackerman, Doug Fulton,  
 Ken McDonald, Eric Shepherd 
 Marco Nelissen, Mikol Ryon,  
 Owen Smith, Daniel Switkin,  
 Christopher Tate, Todd Thomas 
 Gregory Cobena, David Chayla,  
 Travis Geiselbrecht,  
 Kristoffer Nørkjær Randløv Jepsen,  
 Jason Luther, Rupa Patel,  
 Cody Sakoman

so many highly talented people in one place building the future together, still amazed by this collective genius!

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