BCM4321 on Haiku - with bwn driver?

I have a MacBook4,1, T8100 CPU.
BroadCom 4321 (rev3) is installed to the machine according to freebsd lspci, and I could make it work on FreeBSD 13 using the bwn driver.

However, in haiku, when I tried installing the bcm43xx driver (I have LAN connection) it does install, but nothing is being detected. I searched the wiki and found out that bwi was used instead of bwn.
bwi didn’t work properly for me on FreeBSD so I believe that this is the issue.
Is there any methods to make my newer (?) card work on Haiku?
Thanks. I believe that I have the nightly version of haiku but I may be wrong.

The bwn driver has some pretty complex use of multiple busses on FreeBSD and is not presently supported by our compatibility layer. I haven’t really invested the time into trying to port it, for various reasons, mostly due to the rarity of hardware (and also the fact that a lot of it is now rather old…)

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