Batch convert files using translators

Is there an easy way, either on GUI or CLI, to leverage the power of Haiku’s translators and apply a batch file type conversion from one known type into another, like for instance converting images or text documents between two different formats?

From victordomingos ’ thread:

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The ImageMagick command-line tools can be as simple as this:

magick image.jpg image.png 

You can just use a bash script together to customize the params, or use regular expressions.

Ps: yeah i know it was both of us :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or you can watch our imagemagick tutorials, our imagemagick gui or our mass picture conveter on:

Http:// (

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Right. I was wondering about some more generic tool, thought. Haiku’s translation system is flexible and knows how to manage formats other than images. It would be nice to have some kind of utility to leverage that power.

For instance, there is a PNG image optimization translator. But is there any easy way to apply that translation to a folder of images? But the same question could be asked for any other format, like converting text documents or spreadsheets.

There is a command line tool called translate.

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Some is trying to create a conveter for gobe files, to use them on newer Office Tools.

I want not name the dev, because i does not know if he want it make public.

I will check it out. IMHO a GUI utility could be a good thing to have. Maybe in the existing file types app.

There is BeOS apps for this:

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I have not really tried very hard to figure out what you all are talking about, but it seems to me that any operation that you can apply to one file, you should easily be able to apply to multiple files. Is there really an application that will take only one file as an input parameter, and won’t take it from the command line? If so, I’d be interested to see if a program could be written to adapt such defective applications to more general use. The more common case is that the operation isn’t really the same, but rather the parameters are different per file and can’t reliably be determined in advance.

I’m probably spouting nonsense here because I don’t understand the problem, so feel free to ignore. But if you want to humor me, let’s take something that you have been doing to a file, and try to do it to multiple files. What happens, what is the actual problem?