Basic question... can youtube strem videos in fullscreen?

Hi, first of all kudos for the great work you guys have been doing here.

I am looking for an free OS that would run streaming video in full screen from various media sites like youtube, etc.

My windows crashed with nasty errors, so I switched to ubuntu which worked for most part but the streaming was not nice. After some google search, I encountered haiku, however it is not clear weather this OS can run streaming videos like from youtube smoothly in full screen mode. Also, my internet connection is over ethernet lan.

thanks a lot!

Haiku’s implementation of Flash is Gnash, which performance wise would have a lot of trouble doing full-screen flash video.
Windows is the only platform on which flash works decently. You could try the Flash 10 beta which if you have a newer nvidia card I think it can use GPU acceleration on Linux.

Haiku can use VLC Media player which can display full screen video. In OGG Theora and 3ivx. No flash.