Balthazar RISC-V laptop

The Register (a UK based IT journal) has reported on what it describes as an all-European Risc-V free hardware computer under development.

The Balthazar promotors intend to use a GNU based operating system, but Haiku should work very well on the low power hardware. Our Risc-V port is making great progress and I reckon it would benefit enormously from an affordable and open computer if this were to reach the market.


would be nice, i expect it to be expensive unless they can get to scale

Starred on GitHub! The Register couldn’t reach them for comment but I hope it’s got a SoC based on the RocketChip framework. That would allow upgrades to a SonicBoom core.

Speaking of low cost RISCV hardware, does anyone know if Haiku runs on the VisionFive 2? I backed it on Kickstarter, and now I’m wondering if I could get Haiku on it.

I don’t think anyone has tried yet. I’m not a developer, but I ordered the VisionFive 2 last year and it hasn’t arrived. Not a lot of people seem to have the device so far.