Badges - are they useful?

I find this a bit useless and annoying because it creates notifications that don’t add any real value. Do we really need to keep this feature enabled?

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They are neat because they are fully customizable. We could make “Patcher”, “Software Developer”, etc badges and nix some of the less-useful default ones.

I dunno. As they are now they aren’t very useful, but over time they’ll get to the point where it’s obvious who the major community members are by number of badges… Personally I say we keep the default ones.

Well, we can certainly keep some, but “has edited 1 post” and the like don’t tell much about community members. So I would remove the whole “getting started” part.

I don’t understand how the “trust level” ones work. Apparently I only get “Basic” level?

There are some strange one such as “out of love” and the “nice/posting” ones - these don’t really reflect community involvement.

I may be a bit old fashioned but I think the good old “post count” is quite good to see major members. Maybe we can have a counter of likes to see the more “useful” members. But I don’t think there is a need to go as far as the current set of badges does.

It appears @kallisti5 forgot to set your “Trust” flag - did that.

Yes I agree… very useless… just for killing time… very childish… No real value.

I disabled several of the badges in the settings (don’t worry, they can be re-enabled). I tried to keep only the ones that are useful to identify members with a certain level of activity and quality. We’ll see how this turns out, and we can always edit them and tweak things further as we go.

I like the idea of the badges. Can instantly tell who’s a developer, so know better when/how to ask questions, etc. What is downside? I guess as Pulkomandy says, they need to be thinned out …

Most forums have some way to designate helpful members (thanks, etc).

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