Backup script for upgrading Haiku

I am looking for a one-shot backup script (for changing to a different version of Haiku).

It should backup the home directory, packages installed by pkgman, a list of the repositories, and bash history. Is there anything I missed? I don’t mind writing my own, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

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Not that I’m aware of, hopefully someone here knows of a backup tool? The best thing I could think of is imaging, but there’d have to be a way to image stuff like something that got deleted by accident or even the whole system back. There’s probably a package in the depot I haven’t seen that works for backing up personal stuff. Far as I know for system upgrades, the only way that I can think of that works is to revert the system through saved package states in the boot menu.

There is LBackup by @Lelldorin. You can find it in the BeSly Repo. Not sure if it has all the backup options you specified.

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Here a tutorial on how to use lbackup:

I also create a bash history switcher:

Our repo is at

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My LBackup program only helps to store your data then you want to test or change anything. Ok you can sorte packages too, creating a own list of backup files.

You can switch to a older revision using the boot menu (spacebar at startup), i does not find the tutorial about it in the haiku guides. Every time you install a newer version, a copy of the old one will store in the administrative folder (in packages), then you start over the boot menu you can select a older version and then you run an older one with the stored packages.