Auto arange desktop icons

There is one feature what haiku need. It is auto arange icons on desktop. I mean dynamicaly allways arange. Maybe as optional feature.

Is It posible do this with bash script runing at background ?

First off, this is the last thing I want and despise when I have to boot into my Linux partition. I decide where to put my icons and I expect them to stay put! :slight_smile:

Tracker offers two ways to arrange icons from a right-click on the Desktop: Clean up and - while holding SHIFT - Clean up all.
The first snaps the icons to their nearest grid point, the second arranges them alphabetically from top left to right.

A quick search through the source shows the magic BMessage codes sent:

tracker/Commands.h:const uint32 kCleanup = 'Tcln';
tracker/Commands.h:const uint32 kCleanupAll = 'Tcla';

To keep ‘Cleaning up all’, I suppose you can script that, by sending every second a

hey Tracker 'Tcla' of View 0 of Window 0

Secretly install such a script on my computer as a sure way to drive me mad. :crazy_face:


Shift-rightclick desktop -> Clean up all

That sounds good enough for my needs! Someone has to put that in the manual…

The cleanup solution need a rework top, one of the oldest bad made functions (be, zeta, haiku) at all. The Icons allmost placed of the old position when cleaned up.

Like here:

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Or from the keyboard: alt + shift + K. Quite useful when the desktop has too many icons on it, indeed.