Audio driver issue?

Haiku R1/a3
m2n-sli with C-Media CM6501. No sound after install. Unzipped opensound-4.2-r1a2-x86-gcc2-2010-05-01 to /boot. Still no audio. Not sure if I installed opensound properly ?? or if im missing something else.
Possible to get sound working w/this board? thanks for any help/suggestions!

You have downloaded version for alpha2 ;). - for alpha3.

Try the nightly builds.

Oops silly me. Thanks for pointing that out!

But… bummer. Still no audio. “Could not find mixer” and no audio devices listed.

?Messed up something by installing the alpha2 package first?

(edit)…reading up on installing nightlys. :wink:

Maybe we do not have the driver… If so, open a new ticket - - try to install in this way.

This is possible.

The C-Media CM6501 is a USB audio device. The opensound drivers for Haiku do not include any USB support so they make no difference.