Audacious blocks reboot/poweroff

I installed Audacious to hear some music streams. After that I tried to reboot the laptop and got the following notice:


I saw in the deskbar that Audacious was already running. Why?
I couldn’t reboot or poweroff the laptop. Does Haiku have a terminal command to force a poweroff? I had to press the powerbutton to stop the machine.

I deinstalled Audacious and stay on VLC.

You can press ctrl alt del to bring up teammonitor, there you can kill offending apps.
The only command we have for a terminal poweroff is shutdown, you can check it’s --help output i believe.

If all else fails you can bring up teammonitor and hold ctrl alt del for 4 seconds to force a reboot.

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Thanks. Good to know.

There should be ProcessControler in the Deskbar that you should be able to use to kill a running app also

Yes, I tried the controller. It could not stop Adacious. Ctrl+Alt+Del works.