Attracting Developers

I am wondering, what, if anything, is Haiku and it’s contributors doing to attract developers of programs more “elaborate” than utilities? Perusing the HaikuWare site, on the comments of one of the AbiWord downloads, someone posted an email from the developers when asking about Haiku support. It was rather nasty, if you haven’t seen it, but they had one point. Haiku is in alpha. I don’t see a lot of people outside the Haiku community making programs, because they don’t know that the API is fairly stable, and they won’t have to recode their program because of changes in the alpha stage. All they know is screenshots, the name, and maybe the r1a4.1 image in a VM. Now, I’m not going to get into the whole “let’s bring it out of alpha” argument, I’ve seen enough of those to know your good reasons not to do so (and not being able to in some ways). But as a fairly new person to the Haiku community (been here about a year), I would love to see bigger developers taking it seriously. I am curious as to what people are doing, and also what I can do as a user to help “spread the word”.


Maybe we need people porting over F.O.S.S. software, or was that what you mean.