Ati Rage 128 pro

Hello all, I’m new in the forum, I work with computer for a long time by now. I had BeOS and Zeta as my primary OS during some time of my life, and now I’m playing with Haiku.

I want to know if anybody here has experiences with Ati Rage 128 pro card.

I’m preparing a machine to install Haiku and play with, but I can’t find any information about compatibility between Haiku and this graphic card. I found legacy drivers for this card in both, BeBits and Haikuware sites, but any comment about. Any experience shared will help.

Thanks, Fabio

The rage pro is supported by the mach64 driver on Linux

On haiku I don’t know the driver name but it will only support 2D at best since there is no 3D acelleration on Haiku yet but in the rage pro isn’t that fast anyway (barely runs openarena at lowest settings).

It is a great card for basic testing web browsing etc… it should just work for 2D stuff.

I have a ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP 2x (a very similar card) that works just fine with haiku and beos… I think beos may support 2D accel on it not sure.

Haiku has VESA driver which works with almost all video cards. So, it will run on that system.

Haiku has an ATI driver in the repository which should work with your video card but without knowing the device and vendor ids tough to confirm. In Haiku you use listdev, Linux lspci -nn to get hardware information.

EDIT: The ATI driver handles Mach64, Rage128 & Rage128 PRO in Haiku.