Atheros813x is detected and appears to be loaded correctly, but no connection is possible

Hello folks,

I’ve got an HP Mini 110 I’ve installed Haiku on and well it seems to generally be working really well, the ethernet connection is a no-go at the moment.

The ethernet controller is correctly identified, I can see the adapter in ifconfig, and I don’t see any obvious errors in the systemlog (though Haiku is new to me), yet I am unable to actually connect to anything. I’ve tried several different networks and cables thinking maybe there was a physical problem, but had no luck there either.

I’m wondering if such issues are known (I couldn’t find any situations like this).

You can see the systemlog and some other details in the terminal output I’ve uploaded as a text file:

Thanks :slight_smile:

The Broadcom 43xx WiFi driver is a known issue
Wired network should be working. I have the same laptop myself.

Yes, but this is about atheros813x driver. This is the only known issue

Just a quick note, I wanted to eliminate a hardware problem so I booted a live linux CD just now and had no issues.

Here is what I’m seeing in the UI if it’s helpful at all:

The one ticket @Diver linked to does not appear to be the problem you are having. Actually I don’t see any errors in your syslog (related to this.)

It is very strange that the network is not working for you, when it is for @vidrep on the same hardware… Could you try a nightly build instead?

My Mini 110 is using an NVIDIA MCP79 Ethernet and Broadcom BCM4312 WiFi. So, apparently different hardware on the same HP laptop.

No change in behaviour under hrev55602.

Maybe try installing FreeBSD and see if works there? If it does that would probably rule out the driver itself.

Also, I’m not sure where the best place is to look, but you might see if there any log messages occurring when you try to insert the cable. Does the port itself have any lights on it and do they illuminate as expected?