Ath10k driver for Haiku

I have seen that there has been an under development driver for FreeBSD for the ath10k series of cards ( GitHub - erikarn/athp: freebsd ath10k port ), is there anyone who has tried building it for Haiku or that can direct me to some documentation on how it can be built for Haiku?

My understanding is that Haiku has been supporting FreeBSD drivers, but given I have don’t have prior experience with Haiku development suggestions are appreciated.

That driver is highly experimental and I understand it is quite unstable even on FreeBSD, it still causes kernel panics there. I don’t really think it is worth the time to try and port it when basically nobody even on FreeBSD makes use of it.

You are probably better off getting an Intel AX-series card or a RTL USB WiFi dongle instead.

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My laptop has no USB-A ports, so I would have to chain adapters to be able to attach an external dongle. Which is not exactly a great experience