Asus Pundit P1-AH2 with Haiku

I am trying to boot Haiku off that machine. In the 1st place I have tried an image of haiku that was created, I believe, in October 2006. That image booted off CD, and the desktop came up. However, I was neither able to use my USB mouse nor my USB keyboard. Would it make any difference if I created a boot CD from the newest image? Meaning: Has USB support improved over the last 10 months? If so, how can I create a CD image on a Linux box? I can mount the image with the Linux befs driver, but something isn’t working for some reason. Has someine ever created a Haiku CD from a Linux box? And if yes, what’s the trick?

There is a thread here that talks about creating a LiveCD.

IIRC A newer image should have better USB support. I use the VMware image version so I’m not 100% sure where what the status of USB support is. - Alternative OS News - Nerfd Technologies - Online Software & OS Store - Software for Haiku