[ask] haiku package for winamp classic skin

Dear All

i want to make recipe for package old classic winamp (for qmmp) bundled maybe 20 top skin …
but i realize how to deal with the license …

…any sugestion welcome…

Why would you package skins? It would be much better solution if qmmp would check in a user-writeable fodler too for skins, so the users can easily add/remove skins.
Maybe it already does, have you checked it?

Just checked, the automatic skin installer function in the Qmmp settings window works well, i see no real reason to package skins.

ok. i see… thanks for your explanation…

Well, packaging skins could be interesting with themes, which can declare their dependencies (ThemeManager can configure the skin in both SoundPlay & CL-Amp)…

sorry @mmu_man
i’m on 64bit haiku and cannot find both application you mentioned… i’m missing something?

@mazbrili: Hello. Both SoundPlay and CL-Amp are BeOS apps, that are available only in 32 bit.

Unfortunately, the source code of them wasn’t available, so no hope to port them to 64 bit.

ouch… thanks @un_spacyar for your explanation.

Forget to say:

CL-Amp was some kind of “Winamp clone”. In Haiku 64 bit, you have Qmmp: is somewhat similar to CL-Amp.

i see… i love to use Qmmp because i have bunch winamp skin looong time ago :slight_smile: