Ask communauty and Survey about RAD Tools and MCU Developpement

Hi, I’m glad to see Haiku had GCC on-the-box and many use Haiku, but what about APPs and how many of you really use HAIKU ?

I’m new on Haiku and i had have used a BeOS computer by the past, but i had a proposition / offer …

So i am Asking you, the community with this “probe in sky”, with this kind of Survey your interest about the up-coming of an IDE and another Tools for OS and MCU Development , without WineHQ !!??

Cause i got the project (codename’s project2306), i’d like to porting it on Haiku and i would’nt lose my time in a no man’s land …

and you got (Devil) Facebook Page

Tell me your opinion and feedback about this project, and disponibility of that IDE on HAIKU


Hi this_genose,

Thanks for your interest in Haiku. Your development environment looks very interesting. Obviously we are always interested in new software ported to Haiku, especially if it brings new features, better productivity. Can you please give a small description of the features that Project 2306 IDE will bring to Haiku?

Best regards,

Hi This_Genose,

I can help with the translation and the writing part, if you need help. Je suis francais a l’origine.

Thanks for your interest.

So, the first goal in prime time, is to provide a front-end GUI and Text editor for most of compiler from shell executable, i.e GCC, AVR-GCC, SDCC MCU compiler.

The roadmap straight evolve to other features / plugins like :

  • Automatic Crash Reports
  • Automatic Update Agent
  • Extensible feature theough API / SDK
  • PDF support (depends on OS, otherwise i’ll find out solutions)
  • Project Management, group your files to compile it with underlayed compilers, makefiles …
  • PCB design … i.e Geda pcb, but with a better User Experience, more usable, less ugly
  • Host Developement … i.e Apple XCode’s, cause we got access OS Runtime, so, let’s build something, like PowerFull App with it !! no more excessive code writing anymore !!
  • MCU Design, bring you all the stuff you need to compile and upload your code to Microcontrollers

Unfortunately, is not quite opensource at this stage, most tools are third-party software as plugins (and cause i dreamed of contributions on my paypal account), but i work on public API / SDK to add features to it.

Well, this was a portion of what i planned for Project 2306 IDE.

Comments are welcomes.

Hi, nice plan.
but, si c’est pour mettre en anglais, pourquoi pas … hourray a french project !!

I’m kidding, but i’m really a french guy, i though i translate like a scottish cow.

but … what can be translated, alerts, menus … most of it is in english actualy, ok let’s translate scottish cow to english Jam

So, you welcome.