Article not in English


I would like to post articles on development with a language other than English.
Is this allowed ?

I don’t know if it is allowed on blogs but, on this forum, you can post in international category.

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Whether or not it is allowed, I don’t think it is a very good idea.
Outside China, far more people understand English than any other language, as I am sure you know.
Why make your article unintelligible to a large majority of your potential readers?
I am lucky enough to have English as my first language, but I do appreciate that it must be infuriating for other people to have to use a language that is not their own.

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I agree.
Please post all articles in french or spanish as far more people understand that.

What are we talking about exactly? Translations of existing articles? Of documentation? New and original content? If so, what would it talk about?

Depending on the answers, we cound find a way to put it on the main website, or maybe find a better place for it elsewhere

Hi All,
Thanks for your all reply
I post in devs forum with the translated DeepL English text
The link of the zip archive contains (french, English) pdf and source code.

Deepl translations? That seems not very useful, everyone can do that at home. A good quality translation requires some manual touch-up and rework. Otherwise, quite often I find myself translating back to english in my head to und rstand what was originally meant

You are right.
In future i post only class code and example.
I respond on forum, if anybody have questions.

If you are talking about France and Spain, I am sure you are right.