[ARTICLE] Intel's Open-Source Vulkan Driver For Ray-Tracing Gets "Like A 100x Improvement"

Longtime Intel Linux graphics driver engineer Lionel Landwerlin had opened this merge request today after discovering this massive optimization. That MR in turn has already landed in Mesa 22.2. The description for this Intel Vulkan RT code change is simply, “Like a 100x (not joking) improvement.

To now the device allocation for this RT scratch memory didn’t have any allocation flags set and so presumably was getting allocated back to general system memory. Now with the “ANV_BO_ALLOC_LOCAL_MEM” flag set, it will ensure that scratch memory buffers are residing on memory local to the Intel GPU.

…does Haiku drivers of this performance “issues” too ?


Haiku 3D drivers don’t have performance problems because they are almost non existing at this point. Software rendering is enough for a lot of things.
This said, it seems that Vulkan drivers will be the way, so we should benefit from that later.

If you find them we are happy to accept patches :slight_smile:

I don’t think we have intentionally left things that slow down the code 100x and are fixed with changing just one line of code…