Ars Technica in WebPositive

I thought it was worth mentioning that the Ars Technica website crashes on load in the version of WebPositive that’s shipping with Beta 3, so if you guys are planning on sending it to them to review like Beta 2, that’s worth keeping in mind (since with Beta 2, the reviewer complained about how Ars didn’t render properly in WP, among other complaints they had with the browser).


I can confirm this. Otherwise, WP is working quite nicely!

I’ve seen WebPositive just quit a few times. That is, the bug dialog thing doesn’t come up, the program just stops running. The last one was on when I was scrolling down the hourly forecast.

Maybe they should fix their website :wink:

There is a bug report about it on our side, we will look into it eventually.

This is not the correct place to report bugs. Please open a ticket at In this case, running Web+ from Terminal might give some more logs about what’s happening.


Foolproof way of ensuring a good review :grin:

Anyway, I was just hoping to make the promotional team aware so they can maybe pre-empt the same negative sort of review Ars gave for Beta 2.

Also, a quick suggestion - I don’t remember what exactly is in the press kits you guys plan to send out, but it might be worth telling reviewers to run software update before they do anything else, in order to take advantage of any bugfixes that might come out in the future. Just in case issues like the Ars website crashing are fixed quickly enough, it would be no good for Haiku to still get a bad review because the reviewer didn’t bother to update the Beta 3 image.


Yup, I’ve written a guide for reviewers which will be included with the press kit.


I’m aware. At this point it’s just an observation. I’ll run Web+ from the Terminal, though, to see if it does give some insight as to why it happens, if I get it to happen again. I don’t like writing bugs when I don’t have something to back it up.

I need to find another website it’ll happen on. It does happen scrolling down the hourly report, but all I get from terminal is:

MESSAGE Invoking iframe pixel user sync for bidder: "33across"
MESSAGE Invoking iframe pixel user sync for bidder: "beintoo"
MESSAGE Invoking iframe pixel user sync for bidder: "synacormedia"
MESSAGE Invoking iframe pixel user sync for bidder: "tappx"
MESSAGE :0:0: Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
MESSAGE :0:0: XMLHttpRequest cannot load due to access control checks.
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Please actually open a ticket as asked, we can’t effectively give instructions to debug cases like this if it’s just random forum posts somewhere.

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I’m working on it. I said I was working on it. Please stop before I give up on it.

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As PulkoMandy already stated, there is already a bug report on this one.

I am aware. I just wanted to make sure the promotion team knew in order to prevent another negative review from Ars Technica, since the promotion team are presumably the ones contacting journalists.

Is it not a marketing team? Is there also a promotion team for Haiku I could join?
I am looking more for a communicating team for Haiku though!

Sorry for the confusion: the marketing team and the promotion team are the same thing.

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