Armyknife - removing album art

Hi all
How can I remove album art from a mp3 file?

I’ve seen we can add or replace album art, but it is possible to just remove it?

I don’t see a way to remove an image either.
I can’t remove any attribute/tag, it seems. Removing the text from a text box doesn’t work; you click on “Save” and it’s back again…

ArmyKnife’s bugtracker

[Edit: I just added this and another issue. Now where to find capable devs with time on their hands… :slight_smile: ]


Thanks humdinger!

I found Unix/Linux instruction on the net using ffmpeg for that (google). Does ffmpeg work on Haiku? Or maybe you only want to use Armyknife.


Our MediaKit is using ffmpeg. But having a working native GUI app would be nicer.
I’m not much into mp3 collecting, but I assume Picard or fre:ac may both be of use here, too.