Are two video cards supported in Haiku?

Hello all,

My Alpha 3 is hanging at boot if I don;t put it into fail-safe video mode, and before I file a bug report I want to check that I’m not reporting something that is already known not to work. I have an XFX NVidia as my actual graphics card, which displays fine in fail-safe video mode, but also a very old Matrox card in a PCI slot - I was aiming to use it to help with video editing in Windows XP, so I’m not asking for it to work in Haiku. the app server has also started to crash, dropping into KDL or gdb whilst in the fail-safe video mode. Could anyone tell me if this setup is known to cause a problem, or should I file a bug report?

Thank you.

This is proably so uncommon that no one else has looked into it. Open a new bug if you can’t one that seems appropriate.