Are Nightly Builds still being generated?

According to the Main Repository there have been multiple code commits and there has been 11 hrev releases bringing us to hrev53469 since the server migrations; however, when I check the nightly builds pages for 32-bit and 64-bit it says the latest nightly build is hrev53458.

Before the migration the nightly builds said they were hosted in the EU now the nightly builds say they are hosted in the US.

Is there a problem with the nightly build process or is the US nightly build repository not being populated?

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Yes, there is (as noted in the Migration thread, and on the mailing list) a discrepancy here. The buildbot still works but is uploading artifacts to the internal CDN, which is in the process of being discontinued and we are switching to Wasabi (in the US, indeed) for hosting of nightly images. @kallisti5 is the one working on this.

The update repos, on the other hand, have not changed how they are hosted; but these are generated by the buildbot only by a manual invocation, not automatically (I typically trigger it once every few days or so.) Eventually we are going to switch off Buildbot and get these automated, too.

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