Arabic Support and other suggestion

Haiku is a great operation system has good support from it community.
Bus I have some issues:
1.No Arabic support / I do not know about other languages from right to left like Herbew .
2.The deskbar is not fully customizable / like color and the labels can not just view the icons instead of icons and title , and transparent.
3.Ugly icons / old style 3D icons and I prefer new icons like KDE official icons.
4.The old legacy of BeOS / I prefer a completely new style for windows , cursor , icons , menus , panel and GUI widgets.
5.Complex menus / Instead of most menus , it is better to developing a configuration panel like in Windows , or like System Settings in GNOME, and easy access for apps like Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.7 .
6.Poor desktop / instead of current desktop , I prefer a great desktop and beautiful like any commercial OS .
7.Bad hardware support / I do not know if linux drivers can be ported like nouveau.
8.Suggestions / need for better workspace switcher , fully costumizable desktop and great style and themes , better deskbar , replacing menus with configuration tool and easy access application launcher , Arabic support , better GUI widgets , less menus more icons , easy tools , and Finally more applications like LibreOffice and many GTK+ apps.

So… besides support for right-to-left writing, which is indeed much needed and yet missing, you’re actually looking for an OS completely different from Haiku. :slight_smile:
I doubt you’ll see much of your list changed to your taste. Maybe some Linux distro with a fancy theme suits your needs better.


I and a lot of the supporters don’t think the new style of Aero glass everywhere is beautiful. I think that the mouse cursors, icons, desktop, etc. reflect the clean and simple ideas of Haiku.
I do think the menus could be made simpler though. You have to be very precise while going through the right click folder navigation and you always have to click twice to get the program you want.