Apps requiring libsndfile throwing libsndfile version error

I just did a clean install of Beta4, and found that any app that needed libsndfile was throwing a libsndfile version error (needed version 1.1.0).

I found that by rebuilding the libsndfile and modifying the receipe from libversion 1.0.34 to 1.1.0 allowed for installing the apps.

Edit: The issue is still persisting even with the rebuild of libsndfile with the twolame pkg. I rebuilt twolame and it is still throwing the error.

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Seems like previous libsndfile recipes had the a wrong version set. That got fixed for libsndfile here, and as a consequence (and as mentioned on that PR already) packages depending on libsndfile will need to be rebuild.

If you do it locally, notice that the correct version to use for libsndfile is 1.0.34, NOT 1.1.0 (that was the error on the first place). So for depending packages, you need to change 1.1.0 → 1.0.34.

You could also report the broken packages over HaikuPorts (either on the linked PR, or on a new issue), and some of the fine fellows there will surely take care of that as soon as possible.


As @BiPolar mentioned, I fixed the version for libsndfile, that was wrong on the previous version bump.
Please report at: Wrong dependency libVersion for libsndfile · Issue #8408 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

I just created it and will look into fixing depending packages, will fix twolame in a bit. Sorry for the brackage (bound to happen if libVersions are set wrong to start with).

EDIT twolame fixed, so that one should be OK now


This morning pkgman wanterd to uninstall half my disk.Just a few left now. Thanks, Begasus


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I’m not sure I even know what “keep [something] from excluded repository” means. Which repository? Why was it excluded? Am I keeping that version of the package, or is it keeping that package out of the excluded repository?

Thanks? I’ve only corrected the libversion in the recipe that was wrong in the first place (which I didn’t update).
I’ll revbump sox later so this one should be fixed also.

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It’s keeping that version of the package despite it being only available locally, and a newer version being available on the repository.

I think the message comes from libsolv and we don’t have too much control on it?

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Got it. Thanks!

Are you on 64bit, buildmaster is still building llvm12 there, a fix is already available for 32bit. (latest sox revision is 4).
Progress on dependency is updated at: Wrong dependency libVersion for libsndfile · Issue #8408 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

EDIT Most of the dependencies should be resolved now,at this moment only 64bit needs to build mpd and audacity to round up.

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We can patch() it :wink:

The situation with libsolv: we have made a lot of patches back when the package kit was developped. These were upstreamed but since then we have never updated to newer libsolv versions. So, yes, we can continue to add more patches to our fork, but it would be a lot nicer to update to the current version from OpenSUSE instead. And maybe they already improved on this there.


From what I could find the list for libsndfile is updated and ready on the buildmasters, updating should be OK now.